Aiming at the future together

Together with our customers and distributors we are working on a better surveying world in the future. We aim to achieve this goal by creating innovative products and applications.


TI Asahi Co., Ltd. was established in November 2009, for the purpose of succeeding and further developing PENTAX surveying instrument business. The headquarters is located in Saitama-shi, Saitama-ken, Japan with its main functions being Research & Development, Production and Sales & Marketing while our Shanghai factory, TI Precision Co., Ltd., operates for mass production of our products. PENTAX surveying instruments are being supplied to over 80 countries in the world through well experienced sales and service partners. TI Asahi Co., Ltd. takes great pleasure being able to serve the world society this way.

The origin of PENTAX surveying instrument business dates back to 1933 when Fuji Sokuryo Manufacturing Co., Ltd was established. We not only developed and supplied a lot of levels, transits and theodolites but also special products.

Fuji-sokuryoki building

After the company was merged into a member of PENTAX group of companies in 1967, we successively introduced to the markets electronic distance measuring instruments, electronic theodolites and total station by incorporating advanced optical and electronic technologies.

PENTAX surveying instruments consist of high-end total station down to low-end total stations, automatic levels, laser instruments, GNSS positioning system, hand-held instruments, various survey software, peripheral instruments and accessories. The main characteristics of PENTAX surveying instruments lie in highly advanced and unique technologies such as autofocus and automatic atmospheric correction functions. These technologies are not only unique but, through functional matching with software, contribute to the ease of operation of our surveying instruments and improvement in efficiency of factory operations.

TI Asahi Co., Ltd. is committed to developing products that can contribute to geographical, spatial information society, improvement in efficiency of survey works and ease of operations on the spot and keep on supplying them through experience-rich sales and service partners.

Yoichi Kojima
TI Asahi Co., Ltd.


On December 1st 2009, TI Asahi Co., Ltd. (TIA) was established and took over the surveying instruments business of PENTAX Industrial instruments Co.,Ltd. from HOYA Corporation.

TI Asahi Co., Ltd. has been a leading company in developing and manufacturing state of the art surveying instruments. Our products have been used and appreciated by a variety of professional workers in worldwide surveying and construction fields.

Our mission is to maximize the trust and co-prosperity among all the stakeholders and users, and ultimately contribute to the development of our society. Every single challenge in our daily work, such as developing new technologies, improving manufacturing and quality control, sophisticating sales and customer services, is oriented to the embodiment of the spirit of this mission.

TI Asahi offers state-of-the-art UAS, 3D scanners, GNSS receivers and total stations which can meet requirements for new surveying technics and we also provide theodolites, auto levels, laser products, and a full range of necessary precision surveying equipment accessories and parts.


1933: Fuji Seisakusho started.

1967: Subsidiary of Asahi Optical Co., Ltd. (PENTAX)

1974: Asahi Precision Co., Ltd.

2002: PENTAX Precision Co., Ltd.

2003: TI PENTAX Shanghai (joint venture with TIC)

2004: PENTAX Industrial Instruments Co., Ltd. (The predecessor of TI Asahi Co., Ltd.)

2007: PIIC became Subsidiary of HOYA

2009 Dec.: TI Asahi Co., Ltd., has been established.


We are a ISO9001 Certified Company.

We declare our quality policy as;

  • Gain customer’s confidence
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Satisfy customer’s requirements and needs