New Distributor in North America

We are pleased to welcome Eagle Geo Systems (EGS) as Pentax GNSS distributor for North America.

EGS is formed by veteran surveyors with expertise in GNSS product development and technical support across several manufacturers and related companies for GNSS, inertial and wireless technologies. From this direct experience, EGS provides sales, technical support and service for the PENTAX GNSS product line in USA and Canada. We all are facing difficult times through COVID-19 but believe that there are many ways to serve our customers remotely. Mr. Simon Baksh, CEO says “The Pentax G6N is a modern GNSS RTK smart antenna that includes a global cellular modem and a UHF radio. Field computers with Windows, Windows Mobile or Android operating systems are paired to the G6N via Bluetooth for configuration, monitoring, and field use. The Pentax G6N has RTK performance with distinct advantages for the North American market in addition to its superior mechanical design. So, we are very excited to promote Pentax GNSS and have confidence this brand will be successful in the North American market.”
We TI Asahi will support EGS so that they can rocket start and establish the Pentax GNSS brand in North America.

Eagle Geo Systems

2000 S. Colorado Blvd.
Suite 2000, #4
Denver, CO 80022