PENTAX S-2100 employed in Keisokukensa Co., Ltd.’s cutting-edge mobile image and mapping system

Keisokukensa Co., Ltd. of Kitakyushu, together with Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, has developed a system known as MIMM, which is utilized in measuring tunnels, and employs a PENTAX 2D scanner.

What is MIMM?
MIMM is an abbreviation of MIS & MMS, which stands for Mobile Imaging Technology System & Mobile Mapping System. It is a measuring system that acquires highly precise three-dimensional spatial position data and captures color images of the surfaces of tunnels while traveling through them.

MIMM is equipped with the PENTAX S-2100 2D scanner, which scans 1 million points per second, has a horizontal measuring range of 119 meters and vertical measuring range of 360°, and is capable of managing equipment for city modeling, roadways, rail lines, tunnels, etc.

MIMM automates close-up visual inspections, which are carried out periodically and are specialized for tunnel measurement and maintenance, significantly improving their efficiency. It is capable of safely taking measurements while traveling at speeds of around 80 km/h, and does not require the tunnel to be closed, avoiding any inconvenience to road users.

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