Key features of the PENTAX G2

  • Powerful GNSS engine
  • Compact, light-weighted and robust housing
  • High dust and water resistance (IP68)
  • Fast satellite acquisition for RTK

Tough, compact and light weight Body


Various support functions

G7 have various support functions which help you make surveying works easier and quick.


The inner tilt-sensor output inclination status of the receiver. By referring to the electronic vial on the controller display helps the surveyor to correctly level the Rover on the ground point to measure.

Web GUI via WiFi

Web GUI accessible from PC or smart phone via WiFi enables users to easily check and change the setting for connecting external devices.


Versatile communication & data transferring ports

Ports and media devices enable G2 to interact with various external devices.

Integrated Wifi module

For access from PC and setting on web browser.


Lemo 7-pin port

external radio and power supply


Integrated SIM card module

Geomalto PHS8-P / UMTS / HSPA+/ GSM/ GPRS /EDGE (supporting NTRIP) supported. For Network RTK.


Integrated class 2 bluetooth module

For communication with handheld controller.


Internal 1.5W UHF radio

For Base & Rover communication.


On-board 8GB mini SD Card

For storing logged raw data.


G2 RTK Standard Set Accessories


Optional Accessories