Ti Asahi has been certified a “Saitama Prefecture Diversified Working Practices Corporation (Gold)”

TI Asahi has received “Saitama Prefecture Diversified Working Practices Corporation (Gold)” certification from Saitama Prefecture.

Saitama Prefecture’s “diversified working practices corporation” certification system acknowledges enterprises that incorporate diverse working patterns such as teleworking, reduced work hours, and other practices that support their employees’ work-life balance.

TI Asahi’s main activities

The “Saitama Prefecture Diversified Working Practices Corporation” certification system comprises nine items for certification. TI Asahi met the criteria for the following five items, which earned the company a gold certification.

(1) Introducing unique activities such as telework, flextime, etc.
(2) Creating a workplace environment that is easy to work in
(3) Manifesting activities relating to working methods
(4) Actively promoting reformation of working methods
(5) Employees continue working at the company for many years.

TI Asahi will continue to promote its diversified working practice policy and engage in creating a workplace environment in which everyone can work enthusiastically.