Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department takes delivery of PENTAX total station equipped with Android™ device

This year, TI Asahi delivered a PENTAX X-100D Total Station to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department.

A representative of TI Asahi explained the usage of the X-100D, and how a detachable Android™ device, which functions as an operation panel for the X-100D, can also be used as a controller for the PENTAX GNSS Receiver G6, which Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department had taken delivery of the previous year.

Our representative began the training by obtaining coordinates from the G6 using the X-100D’s Android™ device. Then, together with the customer, he recalled the obtained coordinates and went through the process for resection and traverse measurement with the X-100D. Operating both the G6 and X-100D with one operating device demonstrated to the customer the ease and rapidity with which they can be used.
The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department expects the combined use of TI Asahi products to improve their future on-site operational efficiency.

*The X-100D is currently made to Japanese specifications (overseas versions will be available in the near future) and equipped with an Android™ device (as of August 2021).
*The Android™ device of the X-100D can also be used as a controller for the G6 receiver.